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About Us

Etminan Rouz Company was established in Tehran in 1993 and commenced its activities in the field of construction stones and at the moment is one of the leading exporters of cut to size stones in Islamic Republic of Iran (Etminan Rouz Co is the best Iranian exporter in 2001 and 2007) which the sum of its export value in 2007 was about 6,000,000 USD.
From the beginning of the work, Managing Director of the company emphasized on the development and variety of the products and self sufficiency in order to meet the increasing needs of the crowded population of the community and needs of the area with respect to the export markets.
All of the products of Etminan Rouz Company is produced according to the international standards which has satisfied all customers and export of the products to variety of countries is a reason for the claim. Good to say that Etminan Rouz Co. has the International Quality Management Certificate of ISO 9001.
The company utilizes the most modern machinery made by famous European factories (Breton) and using the 1st class stone blocks manufactures superior quality products and exports them up to 17 Asian, European and African countries which maximum of %95 exports were in the shape of processed and finished stones that shows the honor and ability of the company on export of non-oily products and not only caused employment and entrepreneurship but also resulted in economic value added in its related branch and earned much exchange to Islamic Republic of Iran.
Representative office of the company in Dubai is also responsible for the affairs related to Persian Gulf neighboring countries.
Getting all of the above mentioned results was applicable by wok of expert staff and experienced production line which has satisfied the customers.
All of the produced stone materials are packing in standard export palettes which are secure for the stuff and prevent from probable breakages during carrying and loading to ships and trailers.
We hope that Industrial Group of Etminan Rouz Co. by help of The Almighty and cooperation of Iranian industry officials can be an efficient factor in economic trend of the country by increasing the amount of non-oily oriented export which meets the government’s macro-economic policies.
With twenty years of service in the stone building industry, now ETMINAN ROUZ Company is the manufacturer and exporter of various sorts of natural stone such as: MARBLE, TRAVERTINE, ONYX, and LIMESTONE in the shape of SLAB, TILE, STAIR, RAW, BLOCK…
with the help of the most advanced machinery of BRETON line.
The company exports its products to the leading countries of the world such as Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia,Qatar, Iraq, china , India, Philippines, Egypt, Libya and USA .

This company has one of the highest rank in manufacturing and exporting of stone by using experienced staff including experts and engineering's quarry, and is regarded as the unique exporter from government in 2001 and 2007 in Iran.
It is honorable to mention that Iran possess 7000 oldness in stone industry and the fourth degree in natural stone quarries in the world as well,
so we hope the day in which we will use Iranian natural stone for the most spending building of the human history civilization